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Space for corporate events

Save resources with Woba's versatile and efficient corporate event spaces.

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Adapt the infrastructure according to your needs

The Woba model allows the work environment to be highly efficient.

Here, your company has the flexibility to adapt the office structure according to its growth stage.

Hundreds of large companies are already Woba customers, get to know some of them:

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Uncomplicated corporate events

A traditional event space rental contract can be time-consuming and inflexible. However, you can bypass these obstacles and find tailored solutions for your corporate event needs here at Woba.

When renting a corporate event space on our platform, you do not incur any additional fees for including an event space in your company's planning.

We streamline your hiring process by connecting you directly with reliable vendors to make your event a success.

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The flexibility your company needs

Whether you need a space for corporate events for a day, a week, or a month, Woba has the perfect solution for you.

Through a flexible subscription, you shape your work infrastructure month by month, according to your demands. Woba's contracting model is fast, transparent, and flexible; free from extra fees and bureaucratic hurdles with abusive clauses.

Convenient locations for your events

Renting rooms for corporate events doesn't have to be a challenge. Explore our wide network of over 300 event environments, strategically located, and find the perfect space for your needs.

Additionally, Woba has partners throughout Brazil, allowing you to find the ideal location in various privileged regions, such as major capitals.

No matter where your company is located, you will always find the perfect event environment in our extensive network of possibilities.

With Woba, you provide convenience and accessibility for your team and guests, enabling an exceptional experience in every aspect of your event.

Find the ideal location for your corporate events with Woba!

With a booming economy and projected growth in the corporate event sector expected to reach 75 billion reais in 2024 (according to Abrape data), Woba is positioned to meet the growing demand with modern and well-located corporate event spaces.

Have practicality and efficiency in your search for event spaces with Woba. Find ideal locations quickly and easily to meet your company's needs!

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