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Private Office

An exclusive environment for your company to use whenever you need, with total privacy and just the way you need it.

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Adapt the infrastructure according to your needs

The Woba model allows the work environment to be highly efficient.

Here, your company has the flexibility to adapt the office structure according to the stage of growth it is in.

Hundreds of large companies are already Woba customers, get to know some of them:

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Increase your productivity with security and confidentiality

Private offices are ideal for companies that value privacy and customization of the work environment. Imagine having a reserved space where you and your team can discuss sensitive projects without worrying about unwanted interruptions, through an economical subscription that adapts to your business moment.

At Woba, you find all this and much more!

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Benefits of a private office for your business

Unlike a traditional commercial office, a private space allows savings by providing a personalized space that specifically meets the needs of your company, avoiding unnecessary expenses with unused areas.

Woba enables you to find a complete space with all the necessary infrastructure to receive your clients, partners, employees, and investors in one place.

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Woba makes everything easier for you

At Woba, we simplify the management of private offices through our platform.

From hiring multiple partners to other bureaucracies related to space management, everything is done efficiently and centrally. With our innovative approach, you can manage all your workspace needs in one place, saving time and effort.

Additionally, at the end of the usage period, all expenses are centralized in a single invoice, providing a clear and simplified view of the costs associated with your shared workspace.

With Woba, managing your office has never been so easy and convenient!

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Save without losing exclusivity

A flexible office by subscription offers significant economic benefits compared to a traditional commercial office lease.

For example, by comparing an office A with 100 positions, occupied at 60%, with another (B) with 70 positions, occupied at 85%, the savings of office B can reach 27%, representing R$466 thousand saved in a year.

In this way, you have a work environment with much more profitable results and:

  • Reduction of unnecessary costs;
  • Organization of your expenses in a single invoice;
  • Efficiency in your corporate real estate strategy.

Find everything you need to grow in one place

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