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Complete solution in economy and efficiency: ready-to-use meeting rooms.

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Options for all business needs

From individual rooms for calls to board conference spaces, find the ideal meeting room to welcome your clients, conduct trainings, or gather your team to discuss projects, strategies, and goals.

With a variety of options available, Woba allows you to find endless possibilities of versatile, comfortable, and functional environments that inspire collaboration and efficiency with much more economy.

Choose modern and highly equipped spaces to have the necessary structure for each meeting and elevate the level of your meetings!

Find the ideal solution for your company

• Access thousands of meeting rooms across the country;

• Pay only for what you use;

• Choose the ideal environment according to your need and occasion;

• Find options in over 300 cities in Latin America.

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Build and rebuild your corporate space

Due to market volatility, adaptability is needed to keep up with constant changes that affect the organization and maintain competitiveness. That's why at Woba, we offer freedom for dynamic companies.

With Woba's flexible subscription, you can shape the infrastructure of your workplace, adding or removing spaces month by month as per your company's needs.

Unlike traditional rental contracts, at Woba you do not pay fines or additional fees to easily adjust the number of meeting rooms and other spaces you need.

Thus, you can expand or resize your operations with agility and efficiency to always have the ideal structure for your corporate demands.

“I love having the possibility to work in different places, in various locations. Besides the dynamism and simplicity of scheduling through the app or website.”


Renatha Morgado

Customer Success Gupy

“We already had plans to implement one day of home office per week even before the pandemic, but we discovered that better than one day of home office is the hybrid format.”


Ricardo Neves

CEO and Founder of Inlov

“Employees were able to experience the benefit of working in any city, with the ease of finding multiple options and profiles of workstations on a single platform.


Fernanda Zuge

Facilities Analyst at Asaas

“We had a great resource saving, exceeding R$ 1 million per year. We have hundreds of employees who need mobility, the choice for coworkings optimized all processes.”


Pedro Quadros

Facilities Engineer at Banco Inter

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Single invoice payment

At Woba, we offer the ease of single payment, regardless of the number of meeting rooms your company needs to hire.

Whether in one city or in several regions, all bills are consolidated into a single invoice.

Instead of dealing with direct and indirect expenses (internet, air conditioning, and even maintenance) separately, the company receives a single invoice, providing savings of about 50% compared to the traditional hiring model.

This approach includes internet, air conditioning, and even maintenance costs, all centralized in a single supplier and contract to significantly simplify your financial organization, eliminating the need to deal with multiple invoices.

Thus, we provide greater transparency and control over your expenses, contributing to your company's scale and efficiency.

* Calculation made with market estimate for an office with 30 positions.

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Turn your meetings into memorable experiences with Woba!

You no longer need to worry about searching for 'coworking near me', 'office rooms for rent', or 'coworking rooms'. Woba has the ideal solution for your meetings.

Optimize your investments by maximizing the value of each resource applied in work environments.

Book your space quickly and easily on the Woba platform.

Find your ideal meeting room!

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